Hoodie Awanis Exclusive

Hoodie Awanis Exclusive

Hijabs: Hoodie Scarves
Items Code: Rosel Pink
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Asslamualaikum semua.

Kini menjadi pilihan pengemar Hoodie. Awanis Instant Shawl terus mendapat permintaan. I love it. How about you? :) Get one! Our differences are the instants shawl or hoods coming with cross-inner neck. ^_^ Printed-chiffon hoodie price was RM29 and inner-cross silang RM15 each for their separate retail prices. Now by combining them two in ONE. The price was ONLY RM40.

More info : http://illusioniststyle.blogspot.com/2013/07/instant-hoodie-bersama-inner-njnja.html

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